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FAQ – “What is the main similarity between the battlefield and the corporate world?

Battlefied Corporate

Here is a popular FAQ that Lee is asked – “What is the main similarity between the battlefield and the corporate world? What lessons of the battlefield can be transferred to the corporate world?”

Lee’s Answer: “In the battlefield and corporate world, you have to solve problems and overcome challenges.  Likewise, both situations have competitors who are trying to beat them so both require information, strategies, plans, and good execution to win.  The difference is the context and the fact that one is life and death of humans and the other is life and death of the company; but the idea of war is much more serious and so the two must never be confused.  Of course these are significant differences, but there are certainly many correlations. Mainly, you have a mission and people and obstacles to overcome. Both situations require leaders to influence their people to achieve results and meet their goals. In the end, that’s what leadership has to do in civilian life or in the military.”

Do you agree with Lee’s answer? What are your comments on the topic? Thanks for sharing.

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