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Investing Time to Strengthen Relationships; Don’t Leave it to Chance

Editor’s Note: This blog article supports one of Lee’s primary leadership lessons learned — you must balance mission (getting results) and people (nurturing relationships). Regardless of your natural bent as a leader, strategic leaders learn to balance and embrace both as important.

The Other Bottom Line

You already know how important it is to strengthen your relationships with your supporting community.

Strong relationships allow your volunteers and donors to contribute in ways that are meaningful to them while also benefiting your organization; ultimately empowering your clients to live more meaningful lives.

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s so much to do and understandably, investing the time it takes to cultivate these relationships often lands low on your to-do-list. How do you juggle your time while ensuring that other core business continues?

The cost to you is time. But the cost of not investing time in strengthening these important relationships results in waning support – a cost you absolutely cannot afford. Let’s take a look at the benefits of building stronger ties with your community.

Your donors and volunteers:

  • find meaning through giving
  • become your best allies and advocates
  • offer their expertise to further your capacity to serve your clients
  • are satisfied…

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