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Leaders Overcoming Fears to Do the Right Thing – Lee’s Interview on KOLR TV10

Leadership Development - Lee Ellis Interview

During Lee’s visit to speak at College of the Ozarks last week, he also stopped by and talked to KOLR TV10 Springfield and had a great interview with news commentator, Rob Evans.

Watch his conversation as we talk about how leaders around the world can overcome their fears and do the right thing – click to watch, and please share!


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5 Key Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Motivation in the Workplace #PersonalEffectiveness

Editor’s Note: Lee talks frequently about the critical need for balancing results vs. relationships in both life and work. Here are good tips that we wanted to share about nurturing those relationships in your sphere of influence.

Impact People Coaching

By Matt Collins, Published December 12, 2013 By Matt Collins 

How to create and maintain a happy and engaged workplace remains one of the biggest challenges for companies nationwide. Gallup’s 2012 State of the American Workplace found that about 70 percent of Americans are not emotionally invested in their current job. Why is this the case? A multitude of factors contribute to this lack of engagement, including but not limited to: a lack of communication between employees and upper management, a core mission that fails to inspire a sense of meaning and an imbalance of talents within your team.

If your employees are dissatisfied with their roles and your company’s culture, there are concrete ways you can boost their morale and make for better productivity. Consider the (by no means comprehensive) list of essential principles of fostering employee satisfaction below:

Give your employees a sense of purpose

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