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Thank You, Autumn, for Your Kind Words!

leading with honorThanks Autumn F. for your kind endorsement of Leading with Honor

“Fantastic book. I bought it after I had taken it out from the library & read through it. I don’t buy too many books as my house isn’t big enough for much of a library, but this one was worth it as I will read it every couple years. The life lessons are applicable to military and non-military alike, and are valuable to read over and over again to instill the leadership practices into one’s everyday life and work ethic. The way that Lee Ellis seamlessly blends the stories from his time as a P.O.W. into leadership lessons makes it a riveting read, along with being applicable across a gamut of life situations. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their personal leadership style in the workplace, at home, and in everyday life.”

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