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Send Lee Your Accountability Question for His New Book!

Engage with Honor

Coming September 2016 – The Latest Release from Lee Ellis

Accountability questions keep coming in for Lee to answer in his upcoming release, Engage with Honor. Here’s one – Question: “What’s the difference between negative accountability and positive accountability?”

Lee’s Answer: “For a lot of people, the word accountability has negative connotation. But in reality, courageous accountability is simply making sure that responsibilities are carried out. We all need that follow-through from someone else to ensure that responsibilities and promises are being fulfilled, but we should make it a positive process. The mindset of accountability is that most of the people on your team will succeed if the leader does their job the right way.

But first, there is a personal responsibility to ensure that the leader is doing things the right way. And when accountability is done in a positive way, most of the time it’s going to lead to celebration rather than confrontation, morale and work standards will increase, and profits will increase. And, the great thing about doing accountability in a courageous, positive way is that it will still weed out the individual team members who aren’t performing or have negative behaviors that compromise team success.”

Please post it here, and we may include in the book – thank you!

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