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Happy Memorial Day from Leading with Honor – My Recent Visit Enclosed

Happy Memorial Day! As we honor those have died to preserve our freedom, I wanted to share my recent speaking engagement with the USAF Reservists at the Dallas TX Yellow Ribbon Event. These two-day family oriented events provide workshops for assistance to service members and families involved in overseas deployments and reintegration following deployments.

It was my honor to speak to them and conduct workshops on Resilience and Reintegration.  The books were a big hit and provided by the H. Ross Perot and the Ross Perot Sr. Foundation. Three cheers for Mr. Perot!

Yellow Ribbon

In the first photo, these men provide aerial port services for the air base in Guam. When I asked them where they had deployed from to Guam, they replied that Guam was their home. How neat.

Yellow Ribbon

In the second photo, Maj. Gen Jocelyn Seng is the tall lady on the left, then Mary Hill, Program Manager for the USAF Reserve Command’s Yellow Ribbon program. On the right are reservists from all over the country.



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On This Day in Leadership History for May 29, 2016

On this day in 1912 in leadership history, fifteen women were dismissed from their jobs at the Curtis Publishing Company in Philadelphia, PA, for dancing the Turkey Trot while on the job. What’s the leadership lesson? If you dance the Turkey Trot, you’re fired!

Seriously though, this is a great reminder for leaders to be clear about expectations and responsibilities with your team. It’s a necessary step in creating healthy accountability.

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Sharing Power: Why It Requires Deep Personal Change

control emotionWhether in life or leadership, are you having trouble letting go of control or power? Sharing power always means that someone has to let go of control, and someone has to accept more responsibility. Sorry folks—a tough topic for a Saturday! Good advice from author Robert J. Anderson

Read at this Link


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Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, May 27, 2016

leading with honor

“10% of conflict is due to difference in opinion and 90% is due to delivery & tone of voice.”

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The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “Becoming a Coaching Leader: The Proven Strategy for Building a Team of Champions” by Daniel Harkavy

Becoming a coaching leaderThe Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf is “Becoming a Coaching Leader: The Proven Strategy for Building a Team of Champions” by Daniel Harkavy.

This book shows business managers and leaders at all levels why they should add coach to corporate titles and lead their teams to greatness. This book equips you with the skills, disciplines, and knowledge to turn your paycheck-driven teams into vibrant and successful growth cultures. CEO and Head Coach of Building Champions, Daniel Harkavy shows you how to move beyond the theoretical to the very practical how to of coaching. He also presents valuable insight for assessing how fulfilled and on-purpose you are as a leader.

If you’ve read this book, please share your comments – thank you!

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6 Obstacles to Courageous Accountability

Please reflect on the following 6 obstacles to healthy accountability, and see if you can identify your weak spots –

  1. Pride – This is the kind of unhealthy pride, also known as “hubris” that allows us to inappropriately elevate ourselves above others. Because of an inflated ego, we may think that we’re “special” and the rules don’t apply to us.
  2. Fear – There are a multitude of doubts and fears that can cause “normal” people to want to avoid accountability. Fear of failure—I may not be able to come through. Fear of making a mistake, fear of not measuring up, fear it will be too hard, or too risky. There is also fear of losing control.
  3. Laziness – We all have to overcome our natural tendency toward laziness. Scientists now know that our brains are wired to choose the easy way out—it’s called habit. The downside to habits and mindsets is that wisdom is not always included.
  4. Lack of Experience, Knowledge, and Planning – Some people just don’t know how to step out and follow through and are hesitant to be accountable or hold others accountable. Perhaps they’ve not seen a good role model for accountability.
  5. Busyness – Related to laziness and inertia, busyness usually consumes us when we’re not living by priorities. We have busy schedules and it’s easy to procrastinate.
  6. Negativity – If this is your challenge, you are paying a high cost. Emotions are highly contagious and negative ones zap energy and undermine teamwork. Begin by reflecting on your attitude to discern the energy that is driving your negativity.

I have one task for you in this article: choose to embrace accountability as part of your path to success. What are your positive accountability experiences and comments? Please share them here – thank you

Read the entire article on this topic.

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Receive Your Complimentary Leading with Honor Report – Click to Get Started

Leading with Honor ReportAwareness is the most important area of growth for most leaders. Want to know what others are saying about your personal strengths and struggles?

Get a free 1-page report by taking the Leading with Honor Assessment – click below and please share!


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