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How to Stay Strong in the Battle for Honorable Leadership

Today’s reminder to stay strong in the battle for honorable leadership! If you want to get daily results with your team and organization, recognize that good character is the foundation of leadership because it is fundamental to trust—which is the currency of leadership. However, the problem comes when we just assume that we have good character—as almost everyone does. But it can’t be assumed. Rather, it must be evidenced through daily courage and commitment when:

  • decisions are hard.
  • vulnerability is required.
  • reliability is needed.
  • execution of responsibility is essential.
  • fear of failure creeps in.
  • ambiguity and uncertainty develop.
  • we want to stand up for what we know is right—even when risks are involved.

It is sound character that counsels and guides us as we face the challenges of leadership. Please share your comments and wisdom too—we’re grateful for you!   

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