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Why is Leadership Clarity So Hard? Here are the 5 Challenges

clear waterLeadership Clarity is difficult because we’re dealing with humans—not machines. To understand the battle, here 5 barriers that we must overcome:

  • Low Priority. We’re too busy and don’t recognize how important clarity is and just neglect it.
  • Bad Assumptions. We assume that others see the world that we’re seeing and therefore don’t understand that they don’t have the right picture.
  • Unfocused. Some leaders don’t take the time to focus and decide what they want to happen—what success will look like.
  • Lazy. Sometimes leaders are too lax in their approach, figuring that somehow it will get done. They think that they can give a few instructions, withdraw from the process, and then one day it will all be completed.
  • Fear. Some leaders resist clarity because they fear the responsibility of holding others accountable—which, at times, means being firm and risking “negative emotions.”

Yes, it’s a battle, but gaining clarity is worth fighting for. It reduces the fog and ambiguity that undermine high performance. It brings understanding, alignment, and positive energy. It opens the door for synergy and teamwork. Clarity is really a 360 degree challenge!

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