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Rorke Denver’s Leadership Advice on Looking Less and Seeing More

rorke denver
Great recommendation from Robert Glazer, Founder & Managing Director of Acceleration Partners“Recently, I had the privilege of meeting Commander Rorke Denver and listening to his talk on leadership. Rorke was a Commander in the Navy SEALS, the most elite and exclusive unit of the US military. They are sent on the most dangerous missions in the world (e.g. capturing Osama Ben Laden). 80% of the people accepted to the SEALS training program do not make it through to completion, despite representing the elite of the Navy.
Leadership and training are cornerstones of SEAL operations because people are likely to die when mistakes are made on a mission. When asked what leadership lessons he would impart from his experience, here was one thing that he shared:
‘Look at Less & You Will See More.’ While the story he told was about scanning a mountainside for enemies, the implication is that when we try to do too much, we miss a lot. We are all more successful when we focus on and do a few things well.”
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