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Trying to Change My Spouse and Other Leadership Errors

wedding ringsI’ve always been very honest in my posts—maybe too transparent at times to make a point. I’ll go out on the edge one more time on the topic of connecting uniquely with other people. I actually tried to change my wife to be more like me for the first years of our marriage. Then when I began developing assessments twenty-six years ago, I saw our scores. We were two to three standard deviations apart on almost every factor of personality. We have totally different talents. What she does well, I’m not good at and vice versa. She intuitively knew it, but I had never accepted it. The assessment made the art more scientific. I could see it in the graphs and there was no denying that we’re very different.

It was a revolutionary revelation that also changed my understanding of leadership and management. If you’ve experienced the same dynamic early in life with a spouse, sibling, parent, or child, you understand the importance of this revelation. The truth is that people are born with a wide array of talents—we’re not the same. If you know someone that needs this revelation, share this post with them – thank you

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