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How to Conquer Your Leadership Limitations


Abby is undeniably beautiful. Soulful eyes, flowing hair, articulate, alert. She is fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves. Everyone sees her potential, but she’s stuck by the limitations of her past. She’s my neighbor’s dog, and she’s in search of purpose and significance. 

Showing up mysteriously on my neighbor’s front porch one day, this beautiful Collie was muddy, desperate, injured, and full of fear. Only God knows what she must’ve endured. So, my neighbors adopted her, got her medical attention, and cleaned her up; they feed her, buy her toys, spend time with her, and love her unconditionally. She is now a very fortunate dog, and she has everything at her disposal to be content, happy, and purposeful.

Unfortunately, though, she doesn’t know it. She’s still nervous, barks erratically, is threatened by strangers, has trouble resting at night and paces back and forth, and can’t relate with other dogs. She can’t get beyond her past, and she has lost a large part of her original identity given by her creator.

An Abby in All of Us

All of us struggle at times with negative thoughts, either from learned patterns of bad relationships or from distorted perspectives we’ve been tempted to pick up along the way.

“And, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t change your behavior without changing the thoughts behind your behavior.” [Tweet This]

As a leader, knowing yourself—your beliefs, your attitudes, your values—inevitably brings up the following questions –

  • Am I limited by my past acts or thoughts? Or, can I change the way I think and lead?
  • What do others think of me? And, are the thoughts true or false?
  • How can I get beyond my natural limitations and become a better friend and leader?
  • What new perspective or attitude can I adopt today that will affect how I lead tomorrow?

With a new paradigm—a new (or renewed) set of beliefs—many of the limits we thought constrained us disappear. We are equipped to live with focus and confidence. In our consulting work with organizations, the most powerful tool that we use are individual and team assessments that raise awareness about the unique design of each person that affect belief and performance.

The Bottom Line

“Your own level of belief is likely to be the biggest limitation in terms of discovering your ultimate potential as a leader.” [Tweet This]

With the right perspective about yourself and your unique purpose and calling, you are an unstoppable force. Leading with Honor is about the process of learning the principles that will help guide your actions and decisions.

What are the obstacles that are keeping you fulfilling your purpose? Where do you start? Or, how can you help someone else push beyond the false mindset that is limiting them? Start or join the dialogue on this important topic.


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