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Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, September 30, 2016

Lee Ellis Leading with Honor

“Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.” – Charles Stanley

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Get Over 10 Valuable Resources when you buy multiple copies of ‘Engage with Honor’

engage with honorLee Ellis and Team have pulled together a fantastic “Launch Package” when you purchase his new book, Engage with Honor. Order your copies now for free access to these exclusive features:


  • Free Leading with Honor 1-Page Mini Report
  • Discussion Guide for Groups
  • 6 Coaching Videos by Lee Ellis
  • 10 Video Clips Explaining each chapter
  • A Case Study on Balancing Results and Relationships
  • A copy of The Honor Code to Share with Your Team and Colleagues
  • The Courage Challenge Card – A Tool for Maximum Employee Engagement
  • Free Monthly Leading with Honor Coaching sent to your inbox
  • Special Discounts on Leading with Honor Live Training for your team or organization


  • Free Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment (A $125 Value)
  • All of the other features listed above.

Purchase Your Copies here, and please share!

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Restore Hope with Lee Ellis in November! See Inside

Who doesn’t need hope? Join Lee as he speaks at the America’s Best Hope Conference in November! Attend a local satellite event in your area and please share with others –

America’s Best Hope Conference – Link



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The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Lens of Leadership: Being the Leader Others Want to Follow” by Cory Bouck

lens of leadershipThe Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Lens of Leadership: Being the Leader Others Want to Follow” by Cory Bouck.

The leadership exodus of the Baby Boomers is creating dramatically-accelerated promotions in organizations and leaving behind a significant leadership skills gap. Is your career not moving forward quickly enough? Are you in a little over your head as a leader? Great insight from Cory on helping build strong, healthy leaders.

Learn More on GoodReads.

Please share your comments if you’ve read this book – thank you!

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Worried that you may have some toxic behavior like our presidential candidates? 4 Ways to Correct Them

hillary trump Worried that you may have some toxic behavior like our presidential candidates? Maybe you’re stubborn. Or a bad listener. Maybe you act passive-aggressively when your business partner, spouse, or children irritate you — or maybe, you’re a little bit of all of these things. But which ones are really doing our relationships the most harm? Here’s some eye-opening advice on 4 ways to lead the charge in correcting these damaging behaviors:

  1. Refusing to listen – “We see the world from our viewpoint and our position,” says Ellis. “We don’t think that there might be more than one way to look at or address a situation.” A lot of this inability to see from your partner’s point of view stems from a failure to listen. “It’s a really toxic problem because you’re not able to connect with the other person,” Ellis says. Listening is giving the gift of respect.
  1. Making assumptions – One of our most toxic habits is assuming that our relationships automatically understand what we’re trying to say. But most times, they don’t. It’s crucial “to clarify, rather than assume the other person knows what you know, sees what you see, has heard what you’ve heard,” says Ellis. You need to take the time to make your point of view clear so as to ensure that the two of you are on the same page.
  1. Getting in your own way – We’ve all experienced the desire to make the people we care about be just like us: Enjoy the same hobbies as us, laugh at the same things as us, communicate like us, etc. But sometimes, we go so far as to make the toxic conclusion that the things that make them different from us are “wrong.” Instead, you should learn to accept your relationships for exactly who he or she is. And, actually celebrate their differences, rather than look at them as negatives. “It’s a more specific way to show respect for someone,” Ellis says.
  1. Being stubborn – Stubbornness is funny because it can be an extremely good quality — it gives us the perseverance to keep going even after we fail, which is a necessary habit to have if you want to succeed in certain areas of your life, like school and your career. But, it can start to be a problem when it works its way into your relationships. When you get so invested in having to be right, your relationship gets undermined.

When you find the confidence and the courage to say “I’m sorry”, most times, the other person will also feel comfortable admitting they’re at fault, too. What are thoughts and comments on these 4 toxic behaviors? Please share!

Read the original article on this topic.


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Recommended Article – “If There Is a Magic Bullet [for Advisors and Consultants], This Is It.”

bulletRecommended article and an insightful read – “If There Is a Magic Bullet, This Is It.”

What are successful advisors doing that sets them apart? What are their secrets and strategies to get and stay where they are?

Let’s be honest, we all wonder what the top producers did differently to get where they are. What was the magic bullet that catapulted them to success? Julie Littlechild’s post below explains that personal engagement is as close as you can get and it is time that we all embraced it.

Please read on the Practically Speaking website and share your comments too – thank you



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On This Day in Leadership History for September 25, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1492, the crew of the Pinta, one of Christopher Columbus’ ships, mistakenly thought that they had spotted land. What’s the leadership lesson? Keep trying!

santa maria

Pinta – Wikipedia

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