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Developing a Collaborative Mindset – 5 Reasons to Do It Right Now

Strong Culture TeamCourageous collaboration is anchored in the fact that people want to succeed.  They want to be a part of something larger than themselves, they want to be valued, and they want to count for something. When the collaborative leader assumes goodwill, treats others with dignity and respect, and believes in them, they will be inspired to respond with their best.

Here are 5 proven results that collaboration will produce – see if you agree:

  1. Facilitates alignment. When individual talents are aligned and working in concert, there’s a unity of effort that brings synergy and astonishing levels of execution. Picture the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels demonstration teams or a perfect performance by the Radio City Rockettes.
  1. Promotes three-dimensional, 360 degree leadership and performance. When leaders collaborate with their peers, it frees their direct reports to collaborate at their peer level, breaking down silos and working more efficiently and effectively.
  1. Gets better results. If you look at high-performing organizations, you’ll find alignment, good communications, and leaders that trust their people to execute the mission.
  1. Builds teamwork and develops people. Collaboration builds trust. The better you know each person, the more effectively you can work with them or lead them. More understanding means more trust which means stronger teams that are growing as they learn from each other.
  1. Helps minimize risks. In the POW camps our covert communications depended on collaboration. While I was the lead communicator in my cell, I was totally dependent on my cellmates and the guys next door to “clear” for me. Their eyes and ears and danger signals made it possible for me to do my job. Likewise, working together as a team reduces risk in every workplace. Think about the operating room in a hospital. If the team of doctors, nurses, and support specialists don’t collaborate, the risk for tragedy and malpractice suits is high.

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