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Daniel Pink Quote on the Value of Work as a Utility

Leadership Utility


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Memorial Day – Reviewing the Wall of Faces

Wall of Faces VVMF

Remembering thousands of soldiers today that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. For a few moments, visit the Wall of Faces where more than 58,000 men and women are displayed in conjunction with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Click Here, and Happy Memorial Day


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Lee’s Giving Recommendations for 2013

Giving Back - Lee Ellis

Lee and his wife, Mary, believe deeply in giving back to the community, and they are longtime advocates of several organizations. If you’re looking for new areas to give before the end of 2013, please learn more about these organizations and consider supporting their work this year with your tax-deductible donation.

Click to Learn More, and Happy New Year!


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What Leaders in America Need the Most, and A Christmas Story

Want to know what leaders in America need the most? Listen to Lee’s latest interview this morning on “Bill Bennett’s Morning in America” as he and Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook have a conversation about this topic as well as Lee’s memories of Christmas in the Vietnam POW camps.

Do you agree with Lee’s answer? What are your additional thoughts? We value your input –

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Learning Leadership from Santa – Six Immutable Principles

Santa Claus Leadership

(Editor’s Note: from time time, we feature other writers and authors on topics of leadership and personal development. Please enjoy with our compliments.)

By Gene Kamena

Santa’s mission is simple: spread good cheer and make people happy. Simple enough, right? Oh, if it were only so. Upon reflection, the problem statement involved with such an endeavor is daunting: multiple time zones, a narrow window of execution, extreme weather conditions, dealing with Reindeer and Elves (little people), personalized merchandize, and a most finicky clientele (ever-changing demographics of absolute believers, skeptics, form-believers and naysayers.) Failure, however, is not an option.

Only an adroit and seasoned leader of exceptional capacity can deliver the goods (goodies) year after year. What is Santa’s secret? Read on!

While participating in a recent Air War College sponsored (before sequestration) Reindeer and Claus Studies (RCS) trip to the North Pole, students from the Air War College experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour Santa’s World Headquarters. Santa was busy–he is always busy–but he made time to sit down with our group. After sharing a generous offering of milk and cookies, he offered some insights into his success as a leader.

He did not look like any leader I know, but when he began to speak, I noticed a twinkle in his eye and redness in his cheeks. He was authentic. He was in his element. His message, albeit simple, was direct and to the point. I did my best to capture every word, but my hands were freezing. Sage advice straight from the big guy’s mouth:

Santa’s Six Immutable Principles of Leadership

1. Be steady and consistent: Santa cannot have a bad day. He maintains a “Ho-Ho-Ho” attitude in all he does. It is infectious. His steady demeanor underpins a healthy work environment for his Elves. Santa uniquely balances the need to be jolly with a focused determination to get the job done. He message is consistent: “the right toy, to the right child, in the nick of time, every time.” Everyone shares the vision, everyone is on the team.

2. Lead by example: Santa is a mentor for want-to-be ‘helpers’ all over the world. He works hard to maintain his unfitness; no child wants to sit on a skinny Santa’s lap. He never asks his Elves to do anything that he has not done himself a thousand times before. Moreover, he walks the walk of a leader by assuming personal risk to deliver those presents to deserving boys and girls. He sets the pace, he sets the example, and he leads from the front.

3. Reward good performance: Santa knows his reindeer and he knows who is naughty and nice. He rewards good performance. Results matter, they matter a lot. At the North Pole good performance is rewarded, good performance is the standard.

4. Have a personal touch: Santa reads every letter written by every child. He chooses the right toy and delivers that toy personally. Santa might delegate authority to get things done, but the responsibility is his alone.

5. Never quit: Santa never gives up. One year he had to think ‘out of the box’ when confronted with a thick fog that blinded his veteran reindeer team. Santa, in a moment of genius, put Rudolph, an upstart, at the front of his sleigh, making it possible to navigate from the iridescent glow radiating from the young reindeer’s nose. Santa, in his typical manner, gave all the credit to Rudolph. Enough said.

6. Check everything twice: Not one to micromanage, yet nothing is left to chance. Imagine a good child being left off of Santa’s list, or worse yet, a bad child receiving an undeserved present. Santa leads with a light touch, but he knows how to ask the right questions, and when to get involved.

The long flight back to Maxwell Air Force Base allowed time to ruminate over Santa’s message. His leadership style is not flashy (except for his red clothes, red sleigh and reindeer team) but grounded in centuries of experience overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Santa is the leader we all strive to become. His principles work; one must only believe.

Merry Christmas.

Gene C. Kamena – Bio:

Professor Gene C. Kamena currently teaches Leadership and Ethics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama. He is retired from the Army as a Colonel of Infantry. He holds a B.A. in History from Auburn University and a Masters Degree in Military Art and Science from CGSC at Fort Leavenworth. He graduated from the Army War College in 1998 and Commanded the 2nd Brigade, 1AD. He also served as the Chief of Staff for the 1st Infantry Division, Director of Staff of U.S. Space Command and the Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Northern Command, Director for Iraqi Security Forces and formed and led an Iraqi Special Border Commando Brigade on the Syrian border. His operational deployments include; Desert Shield Desert Storm, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Iraq (OIF.)


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Why Veterans Day is Important for All Leaders and Citizens – Please Read

Veterans Day Image

Editor’s Note: As we celebrate Veterans Day 2013, we asked Lee Ellis to share his thoughts on the importance of this observance and why its critical to keep them in our thoughts and prayers on a regular basis –

“Often when I speak to large groups, I’ll ask for a show of hands of those who have a veteran in their immediate family—as parent, spouse, sibling, or child. I’m amazed to see the hands of 60-80 % of the audience go up.

The truth is that most of us are closely connected to a veteran, and we appreciate what they have done and are doing. This week, I stopped to reflect on the rigorous training, the deployments, and the service that our veterans have endured to protect our freedoms. I’m so grateful and in awe of their sacrifices and just as much for their families who have also sacrificed so much along the way.

I still cannot fully comprehend the pain and suffering my family went through when my aircraft went down and pain of not knowing for sure if I was dead or alive. Then when they found out I was a POW, they endured more than five the years of knowing I was in a far-away communist prison camp but not knowing what torture and deprivation I might be suffering.

Many of our veterans are still carrying a heavy load of pain and suffering, and we need to honor them and all who have served. Please take time out this weekend to reflect on their sacrifices, and where possible let them know of your gratitude.

This short commercial below has no words, but you will get the message; we love and honor our vets—young and old.” LE

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A Tribute to Major LeRoy Homer, USAF Veteran and Co-Pilot of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001

Today, Lee Ellis and FreedomStar Media remembers Major LeRoy Homer. A USAF veteran, Major Homer was the co-pilot on United Airlines Flight 93 when it was hijacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. Some of his military accomplishments included flying missions in support of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990-1991, Rwanda in 1994, and Haiti in 1994.

Read more about LeRoy’s life at this link – Veterans Tribute Page

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