The Basics of Defining a Healthy Culture – See This Simple Presentation

What is the definition of building a healthy culture? This simple, quick presentation from Icalia Labs outlines the basics for creating a culture in your work, and we wanted to share it with you.

Do you agree with the presentation? Anything to add?


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New Article: Developing Next Generation Leaders is a Critical Step to Future Success

Next Generation Leadership

Next Generation Leaders –

(1) How do you find the best ones? and
(2) How do you develop them?

So many organizations don’t have a system in place for developing and evaluating young leaders. Leadership consultant and author, Lee Ellis, offers some practical advice in his latest article in Smart Business Magazine.

Click Here to access the article on Smart Business Magazine, and please share your thoughts and comments.


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Video Interview Clip from Lee Ellis – “Describe An Important Leadership Lesson that You Still Use Today”

In this 90-second clip, leadership consultant and author, Lee Ellis, gives an example of an important leadership lesson that he learned from his life-changing experience in the Vietnam POW camps that he still uses today.

Watch his comments, and then share your thoughts –


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Voting Primaries Are Coming Up – What’s a Leader to Do?

Some state voting primaries are coming up very soon. Who can you trust to represent you? Which one has the courage to focus on the right things and the courage to act on them?

Use the FREE Leading with Honor Voter Evaluation Guide to choose your best public servant. Click to download.

This free, 4-page guide helps evaluate political candidates beyond their position on the issues.



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Video Clip – “29 Ways to Stay Creative” – Check it Out

Honorable leaders always push to be creative and innovative, and they create an environment for their team to be creative, too.

Take 3 minutes and scan the video clip “29 Ways to Stay Creative” in your work. Which one will you try?


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Have you Struggled Recently with Being a Courageous Leader?

Lee Ellis - Courage Challenge Banner

Are you struggling with being courageous today—that is “doing what’s right even when it doesn’t feel natural or safe”? Being a courageous leader is the best path to long-term success.

We want to help—join the ‘Leading with Honor’ Courage Challenge at the link below. And, feel free to share your courageous leadership stories, too!

Join the Courage Challenge – Click Here



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Want the best advice on becoming a great leader? Here’s Step One.

Smart Business TeamWant the best advice on becoming a great leader? Lee’s first leadership lesson in Leading with Honor is knowing yourself—your authentic strengths and struggles that everyone else has already noticed.

This article in Business News Daily offers 7 Tips for Improving Self-Awareness. Click Here to read this article on their website and share your comments. What are some ways that you stay connected as authentic and self-aware?


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