On This Day in Leadership History, October 4, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 1931, the comic strip “Dick Tracy” made its debut in the Detroit Daily Mirror. The strip was created by Chester Gould. Whether it’s creating comic trips or working in a Fortune 500 organization with thousands of employees, leaders must stay true to their natural behaviors, talents, and experiences to be most successful. You’ll never make it if you try to be someone else. You can be the authentic you!

dick tracy

Dick Tracy – Wikipedia

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Building Organizational Values – Tips on Being Inspired and Staying Connected

Need some practical ways to maintain and fulfill your personal and organizational values? Lee shares a couple of important ways to stay on track – which one works the best for you?

1. Inspiration is Important and Must Be Ongoing. Emotions are the energy that drives us to accomplish our deepest desires. Find your inspiration from various sources –

  • Spiritual Foundations – renew them and be true to your faith.
  • Family Relationships and Traditions of Your Heritage
  • Personal Development through Conversations, Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Events, and more. Are you authentically sharing with others to help them develop?

2. Stay Connected to People Who are Likeminded.

  • Who is speaking into your life?
  • Do you have authentic relationships?
  • Be discerning. Don’t let those with negative values pull you down.

Please also share your wisdom and experience – which tip has worked best for you in the past?

Leading with Honor – Link


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Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, October 2, 2015

Leading with Honor

“A true leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes.” – Unknown

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Building Your Leadership Credibility – Three Values Checklist Items

Do you want to be taken seriously as an authentic leader that others consistently want to follow? Clarifying, committing, and acting in alignment with your personal values will make a difference.

Lee provides the short checklist below to help you confirm your personal values –

  1. Clarify Your Values. What do you really believe? Who are you? What do you stand for? Reflect on the foundation of your beliefs. Your faith, your family teaching, your professional ethics, your patriotism, your sense of community. What are your non-negotiables? The Honor Code would be a good place to start.
  2. Commit and Stand Courageously. Will you stand firm in the face of a busy schedule, unfair competition, the need to look good, the desire to meet legitimate desires for comfort and pleasure in ways that compromise your values? Recognize that your doubts and fears will take you out. Commit to suffer and sacrifice to remain faithful to your values.
  3. Act in Congruence with Who You Are. Be true to yourself. It’s not easy; we are humans and not firm and fixed. We operate by ebbs and flows of our commitment. Fight the battle to keep your honor intact and when you fail, admit it and bounce back.

Please also share your wisdom and experience in this forum on building a values plan –

Leading with Honor – Book

Leading with Honor


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Inspiring Work and Leadership Organization – The VVMF

Lee Ellis and team can’t say enough about the Vietnam Vets Memorial Foundation. Founders of the Vietnam Wall Memorial, they’re dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Memorial and ensuring that future generations learn from this critical time in history.

Join us in supporting them this Fall with your time and contributions – learn more


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Unusual and Inspiring Leadership Promotion – See Enclosed

Here’s a very unusual leadership event, and we wanted to share it with you. Pictured is Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt promoting his younger brother, new Brig. Gen. Cameron Holt. Lee was privileged to be their commander during their AFROTC experience at Det 160, University of Georgia – way to “Go Dawgs.” Very proud of Blaine and Cameron and our other UGA Flying Bulldogs. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Blaine HoltAFROTC Det 160Link

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Leaders – Need to Align Your Team? See Inside

One of the biggest challenges for leaders is aligning their teams with a common goal and vision. Leading with Honor wants to help you take the next steps with our group training resources. Proven principles and results from the POW camps of Vietnam.

Click to Learn More and download a free sample –

Leading with Honor Group Training

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