On This Day in Leadership History for October 23, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1915, approximately 25,000 women demanded the right to vote with a march in New York City, NY. It would be 5 years later until the 19th Amendment was ratified giving women the right to vote.

What’s the leadership lesson? If someone has fought to give you the right to vote then use the gift that you’ve been given. Lead by example and cast your ballot!  

women voting

Women’s Suffrage – Wikipedia

Help Build a Culture of Courageous Accountability – Engage with Honor

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These Endorsements Say What?? See What’s Coming In

The endorsements keep coming in for Lee’s new book Engage with Honor – see what it’s all about at the link below, and please share with others –

“His Courageous Accountability Model holds true whether you raising a family, managing a 5 person working group or leading a Fortune 500 company. Engage with honor is precision engagement at its best.” – Brig. Gen. Guy Walsh, USAF (Ret)

“There are books that I have read and store on the shelf, and then there are books that I read and keep close so I can refer back time and time again…this is one of those books.” – Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager, Armament Systems Division – ‎Orbital ATK

“Lee Ellis, with insights through his experiences and survival as a Vietnam POW, gives us a glide path to successful leadership. This is a book that leaders in all walks of life should have on their desk.” – Larry E. Favreau, CPA, CLU, FLMI, Retired CEO – Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.

Lee Ellis Book LaunchLink Honor and Accountability Together, and You Have a Formula for Great Leadership

All leaders (and that includes you) have the opportunity to be a strong influence in our culture. With every purchase of Engage with Honor from our Online Store, receive these special features and benefits.


  • Free Leading with Honor 1-Page Mini Report
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  • A copy of The Honor Code to Share with Your Team and Colleagues
  • The Courage Challenge Card – A Tool for Maximum Employee Engagement
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  • Free Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment (A $125 Value)
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Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, October 21, 2016

Lee Ellis leading with honor wisdom

“Without consequences, there is no accountability.” – Stuart Levine

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The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough

wright brothersThe Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough. Who were these men and how was it that they achieved what they did? Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success, they were men of exceptional courage and determination, and of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity, much of which they attributed to their upbringing. The house they lived in had no electricity or indoor plumbing, but there were books aplenty, supplied mainly by their preacher father, and they never stopped reading.

Read More in this Good Reads Review.

If you’ve read this book, please share your comments – thank you!



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Why Developing Your Next Generation Leaders is Critical: The Training Plan

young businessmanWith the Fall season in full swing, this is a natural time to reflect on this year’s accomplishments and how we as leaders can continue to grow our teams and organizations into the new year. So, let’s pause to think how to nurture and mature your next crop of leaders. 

Passing the Mantle

When speaking about my POW experience and the lessons learned there, a common question from the audience is how we chose our leaders in that situation. That’s a great question because the burden of leading in that cauldron was often painful, always unpredictable, and not a position that most people would want. Fortunately we didn’t have to compete or debate about who would take command; in remote situations like this, it’s clear military policy that the senior person (based on rank and date of promotion) takes charge and everyone else follows.

“In normal conditions, the military is constantly training and grooming every person for higher leadership responsibilities to pass the mantle on to the next well-equipped leader.” [Tweet This]

The heavy turnover from reassignment, separations, and mandatory retirement at the twenty- to thirty-year window makes succession planning a vital part of normal military planning and operations.

But many organizations don’t see a pressing need, and many don’t have a system in place for developing and evaluating leaders. Do you have a vision for developing leaders? Do you see the need and are you willing to invest the time and energy in this process?

The Benefits of Nurturing Young Leaders

Developing leaders does take time and money, but it also has great short term benefits such as –

  • Having a built-in system for instilling the values and leadership principles that are important to you.
  • Building relationships in classes to enhance functional collaboration and break down silos.
  • Gaining better trained leaders at every level.
  • Creating higher morale and better retention among top performers.

Long term benefits are even more strategic because research shows that hiring from within is the way to go especially at higher levels.  Developing your own pool of leaders from which to choose managers, directors and executives reduces your risks in several ways –

  • You’re maximizing “the known” and minimizing the “unknown” of hiring.
    • You know these folks and have seen them perform under stress.
  • They already know you and their working environment.
    • Ministry values and expectations
    • Ministry history
    • Members, donors, and community

Granted, there are times when you may need to bring in an outsider to stir the pot or tap into a resource you don’t have on board. But when you do, the risks go up.

A Quality Hiring Focus

Hiring is one of the most difficult challenges that leaders face.

“If you search the web, you’ll see that the estimates for the cost of a bad hire run from 30% of the individual’s salary to three times their annual salary.” [Tweet This]

In some cases, it could be much more when you consider the energy lost to leadership teams and the opportunity loss of not having the right person on board.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve been fortunate to work with some great organizations. The best ones usually put considerable effort and resources into developing their next generation of leaders at every level from first line supervisor to the executive level. Frequently, they’ll use a behavioral assessment like Leadership Behavior DNA for hiring and/or development training purposes. Getting an accurate leadership baseline on these team members is invaluable.

What about your organization? Do you have a focus on growing your on leaders? What programs and processes do you have in place to make this happen? If so how will you evaluate it and if not, who will help you build and grow it? Remember, you must be diligent in planting and cultivating if you want a good harvest.  When it comes to developing leaders, any season is a good time to think about planting.


Leadership Behavior DNANew Report Enhancements – Check Out the Updates

We’re excited to announce the following enhancements and updates that were made this month on these Leadership Behavior DNA Report Services. This is the first major report update since the report’s 2014 release, and it includes many new enhancements listed below. Specific updates include:

  • Improved and simplified graphics for factor and traits.
  • More detail and explanation on DNA Traits.
  • Clarified development list for creating better results vs relationships balance.
  • More in-depth instructions on how to apply the results of the assessment.
  • Minor text and formatting updates.

Download a copy to review.

Contact Us for a personalized quote on LBDNA Report and Training Services.

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Who said that leadership can’t be fun? Cute Video Clip

Who said that leadership can’t be fun? You can’t be too young to learn a leadership lesson, and it naturally occurs in the animal kingdom, too! Any lessons to be learned here? Please share your comments – 



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Leadership-Packed Launch Package with 10 Resources! Check It Out

Engage with HonorWith every purchase of Engage with Honor from our Online Store, you get this packed “Leadership Launch Package” that includes –

Free Leading with Honor 1-Page Mini Report; Discussion Guide for Groups; 6 Coaching Videos by Lee Ellis; 10 Video Clips Explaining each chapter; A Case Study on Balancing Results and Relationships; A copy of The Honor Code to Share with Your Team and Colleagues; The Courage Challenge Card – A Tool for Maximum Employee Engagement; Free Monthly Leading with Honor Coaching sent to your inbox; and Special Discounts on Leading with Honor Live Training for your team or organization.

Check it out and enjoy with our compliments!

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