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Lee Presents at the Lawyers Club of Atlanta

Lee had the honor of presenting his experience and expertise to 250 members of the Lawyers Club of Atlanta this week. He’s pictured here with club president, Robin Frazer Clark. Many of their members are also former Vietnam veterans. We’re so grateful that this regional legal community is seeking to lead with honor and character!

Lee Ellis Lawyers Club 1

Lee is pictured here with Lawyers Club of Atlanta President, Robin Frazer Clark.


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May I Join You for Spring Break? Thanks for the Invite – See Inside

Leading with Honor Audio

Also available in Audible digital audio format – Click to Learn More

Need an interesting book to listen while on the road during Spring Break? Leading with Honor is available as an audio book narrated by Lee Ellis, or you can download it on Audible. In his own words, listen as he shares the stories of his POW experience, and soak in a life and leadership lesson at the same time!

Click to learn more!

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On This Day in Leadership History, March 22, 2015

illinois state house

On this day in 1872, Illinois became the first state to require sexual equality in employment. To be a leader, most of the time you must be the first one to take action on any issue.

What honorable issue have you been waiting for someone else to say or do first? Maybe you should be the leader!

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Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, March 20, 2015

leadership wisdom

“What you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.” – Unknown

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Lee Ellis Interview – Avoiding Future Leadership Mistakes – Listen and Learn

In one of our favorite Lee interviews to date, Lee goes deep and shares his 40+ year of expertise and insight on Business Unconventional Radio on how to successfully build your business the right way. What a great way to avoid needless leadership and management mistakes—please listen and learn!

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How to Help Your Employees Be Happier

Happy Leadership

How much should you care about happiness in the workplace? Should nurturing happiness be a part of your job description? On a -5 to +5 misery/happiness scale should you spend a lot of effort trying to move unhappy people from a -5 to a -2? Or should you get serious and try to move people to a +3 or +5?

Research suggests that you should take the positive side of the happiness scale very seriously. Doing so can convert you from a firefighting, Whac-a-Mole problem-solving mode of operating to a Pharrell Williams-like “room-without-a-roof” super-leader.

Read this article, and please share your comments –

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Thanks to Duke Energy for Seeking to Lead with Honor!


Special thanks to Jeffrey J. Lyash, Executive Vice President – Energy Supply, Duke Energy, for his kind words about the Leading with Honor message –

“Duke Energy and Progress Energy recently merged, bringing two of the best electric utilities in the country into one organization. During this process, it became evident early on that we had an opportunity to establish a new culture for the combined organization. Colonel Ellis spoke to a group of about 140 key leaders within the Power Generation Operations and Central Engineering and Services groups and did a masterful job of relating his experiences in combat and as a prisoner of war in Vietnam to the challenges that Duke Energy is facing as we stitch our two companies together. He has helped us ‘lean into the pain’ and provide clarity as we face our mission head on. His presentation was masterfully done and left a permanent positive impression on those that attended.”

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